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Online Display Advertising Opportunities on

  *** NEW! ***  The Starboard Column  *** NEW! ***

Each and every month, thousands of old boat enthusiasts make their way to the Bone Yard Boats website viewing tens of thousands of Bone Yard Boats website pages. I'd like to share this highly qualified audience with you because you have something of value to offer the Bone Yard Boats community. For as little as $25 per month, your ad can be viewed thousands of times by people passionate about old boats of all types.

The Bone Yard Boats website is made up of a few different types of pages. Some are PDF newsletter pages. Some, like the Subscribe Page and the Resource Guide Form, are dedicated to placing an order or supplying data. The vast majority of the website pages, however, consist of the three columns you see here on this page. The "starboard column" -- that would be on the right for you landlubbers -- has been specifically designed to display 1) relevant advertising, 2) interesting BYB subscriber emails, and 3) some pretty cool close-up photos of boat stuff. I believe that these three types of content, working in combination in the starboard column, draw the visitors' gaze to this area of each page.

The content of these display boxes is not static. For example, hundreds of photos are rotated through the "cool pic" boxes. Try it out. Each time you click your browsers refresh button, new photos (and emails, etc.) are displayed. The ad boxes work the same way. However, I will accept only a limited number of ads each month so that each advertiser is assured that their ad -- or ads -- will display with an anticipated frequency.

BYB Website Growth Stats (May '10 vs. May '09):

*  Ad Page views: Up 210% (or 3X).

*  BYB website visits: Up 80%

*  Total hours spent on the BYB website: Up 150% (or 2.5X)

Sample BoneYardBoats.com Ad Placement

*   Total Pages Views (actual) in May 2010: 66,086
*   Ad Pages Views (actual) in May 2010: 51,120
*   Display ads purchased: 1
*   Max ads in the rotation: 20
*   Display ratio: 5%
*   Times sample ad would have displayed May 2010: 2,556
*   Cost of single display ad (per month): $25.00
*   Cost each time your ad was displayed: $0.00978

              That's less than a penny per display!

Pricing & Specifications

Pricing: Starts at $25.00 per month for 3 month minimum and the price decreases when you purchase additional months.

Linking: Upon clicking your ad, visitor will be transferred to your site (if you have one).

Minimum: 3-month minimum ad placement duration.

Ad Periods: Begin on the first calendar day of a month and end on the last calendar day.  If timing slips for any reason on the front end, I will make it up by adding days to the back end.

Timing: Please assume that it will take 30 days from the time you purchase the ad space to get your ad up & running.

Payment: In advance of beginning of ad period; payable by check, or online with credit card or PayPal.

Size: 180 x 180 pixels

Files: JPG or GIF files preferred. No Flash or animation. Other file types (eg.PDF, BMP) will have to be converted to JPG/GIF.


A single display ad running in May 2010...
              ...would have been viewed over 2500 times!


What the heck is a pixel anyway?

Need Help? Don't have an ad file ready? Are you an independent boating supply store or a small restoration shop focused on paint and wood, not pixels and web? You are exactly the type of advertiser Bone Yard Boats wants because your products and services are what the Bone Yard Boats community needs. My creative abilities are certainly limited, but I can offer you some help in creating a simple ad. The Old Time World ad above took me no time at all. Tell me what you want to say, and I'll do my best to help you say it. Sometimes, your existing business card is a good place to start. Combining photos with text or layering text over photos are also options we can explore

Okay, I want to run an online ad, so now what do I do?

There are no contracts to sign. While we take our mission very seriously, we prefer to operate informally. Bone Yard Boats will always treat you fairly, and we anticipate the same in return.

Step 1: Send me an email to the address above and tell me what you want to do. If you have an ad file already, please attach it to the email.

Step 2: To pay for the online ad spot(s), go to the Bone Yard Boats Ad Payment Center by following the link below to complete a credit card or PayPal transaction. You can also go "old school" and mail in a check. Our receipt of payment is our go-ahead to get your ad project in motion.





Online Display Advertising Opportunities on


Over 200% Growth in Page View Past 12 Mos


Additional Info, Notes, Disclaimers, and Fine Print:

1) The ads, photos, and emails in the “Starboard Column” are not rotated in a specific order; the display is random. However, if there are 20 ads in total, you can expect your one ad to display 500 times out of every 10,00 page views.

2) If you already have an ad file of a different size, I will be happy to take a look to determine if we can make it work.

3) Placement: The 6 display boxes of the Starboard Column are present on hundreds of individual Bone Yard Boats website pages. New pages containing the Starboard Column are added with each issue. The current order of the display boxes from top to bottom is Emails, Ads, Pics, Emails, Ads, Pics. Ads will be placed in the upper Ad box first until a maximum of 20 is reached; then ads will be placed in the lower Ad box. Ads initially placed in the lower boxes will be migrated upwards if space frees up on a 'first in -- first up' basis.

4) Linking: Your display ad can be directly linked to your own website.  Upon clicking your ad, visitor will be transferred to your site.

5) "Ad Pages" are those website pages on which advertising is, or would have been, displayed.

6) "Non-Ad Pages" are those website pages on which advertising is not, or would not have been, displayed. Examples include the Subscribe page, the Stuff page, PDF newsletter pages, and some pages that are of a purely technical nature/purpose and are not actually viewed by site visitors.

7) BYB reserves the right to change display ad pricing at any time.

8) Page view and site visit stats are provided by AWStats, the web traffic analytics tool provided by the company hosting the Bone Yard Boats website on its web servers.

9) Separating Ad Pages from Non-Ad Pages was done manually and is, therefore, subject to possible errors. However, I’m pretty meticulous and confident that I got it right.

10) All ads are subject to acceptance by Bone Yard Boats. At any time and for any reason in its sole discretion, Bone Yard Boats reserves the right to refuse any advertising or advertiser.

11) BYB reserves the right to adjust the number of display boxes used for advertising (currently 2 out of 6), the number of display boxes placed on a website page (currently 6), and/or the order of the boxes displaying advertising (currently #2 & # 5). For example, the BYB home page is quite long and can accommodate several more display boxes than the current six.

12) BYB reserves the right to adjust the maximum number of ads in a display box rotation, and will do so with reasonable notice to existing advertisers. In such a case, best efforts accommodations will be made so that an individual advertiser always gets what they have already paid for. For example, if the number of ads in a rotation is increased midway through an advertisers paid ad cycle, that advertiser may receive a time extension for their ad displays to compensate for the change.  I'll always work with you to do what's right.

13) BYB reserves the right to scale down the ad file size to ensure efficient display of the graphic.




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